CTIA GROUP LTD is committed to the research and development, production and global e-commerce trade expansion of tungsten and molybdenum products.

The products provided by CTIA mainly include: tungsten oxide products, such as tungstates such as APT/WO3; tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder; tungsten metal products such as tungsten balls, tungsten bars, and tungsten electrodes; tungsten heavy alloy products, such as dart shafts , fishing sinker, tungsten crankshaft counterweight for vehicles, vibrators for mobile phones, clocks, tungsten alloy shielding materials for radioactive medical equipment, etc.; tungsten silver and tungsten copper products for electronic appliances. Carbide products include cutting, cutting, grinding, milling, milling, drilling, planing and other cutting tools, wear-resistant parts, nozzles, spheres, cleats, molds, structural parts, seals, bearings, high pressure and high temperature resistant cavity, top Hammer and other standard and customized high-hardness, high-strength, strong acid and alkali resistance high-performance products. Molybdenum products include molybdenum oxide, molybdenum powder, molybdenum and alloy sintered materials, molybdenum crucible, molybdenum boat, TZM, TZC, molybdenum wire, molybdenum heating belt, molybdenum flow port, molybdenum copper, molybdenum-tungsten alloy, molybdenum sputtering target , sapphire single crystal furnace parts, etc.