Tungsten Carbide Bar

Tungsten Carbide Bar


Product Introduction
Tungsten carbide bar has excellent red hardness, high hardness, good wear resistance, high elastic modulus, high compressive strength, good chemical stability (acid, alkali, high temperature oxidation), low impact toughness, expansion coefficient Low thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are similar to those of iron and its alloys.

Production Process
Milling → formulating according to application requirements → wet grinding → mixing → pulverizing → drying → sieving → adding molding agent → re-drying → sieving to obtain a mixture → granulating → pressing → molding → low pressure sintering → molding (blank) ) → cutting, rough grinding or fine grinding and polishing according to customer requirements → flaw detection and inspection → packaging → storage.

It is used in the production and processing of solid wood, MDF, gray cast iron, non-ferrous metal materials, chilled cast iron, hardened steel, PCB, brake materials, etc.


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