3D Printed Tungsten Collimator

3D Printed Tungsten Collimator


A collimator is a device used to transform the divergent light or other radiation from a point light source into a parallel beam, and also is an absorber device used to limit X-rays, gamma rays, or nuclear particle beams to the size and angular spread required for a specific application. Normally, special measurements in spectroscopy and geometric and physical optics require this kind of light collimation.

For simple collimators, radiation shielding and other products, powder metallurgy technology can be used to process, but for high precision and complex parts, using traditional technology is suffering. Therefore, the emergence of 3D printing has solved this thorny problem.

Tungsten provides characteristics rarely seen in 3D printing materials. It is non-magnetic, good at absorbing and shielding radiation, so that 3D printing pure tungsten parts can be widely used in the nuclear energy industry and medical industry. 3D printed tungsten collimator is one of them. Chinatungsten Online is a professional manufacturer of tungsten and molybdenum, which can provide 3D tungsten products.

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