Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy right is one of your important rights. You provide your personal information for us for that you believe we will be responsible for keeping your personal information. We think that the information you provide can only be used for helping us to serve you better. Therefore, we have established personal information confidential system on the website of CTIA GROUP LTD to protect your personal information. Abstracts of our personal information confidential system are as follows:

What kind of personal information do we collect?

Generally, you may visit our website and get information under the state of anonymity. Before asking for your relevant information, we will explain the purpose of the information collection to you. Some of our sites are not available before your register. Under normal conditions, this kind of register requires your email address and such basic information as your work and post only. We may ask you for more information sometimes, aiming to help us understand your demands so as to provide effective service for you. Information collected by our sites include name, address and telephone number. You keep the right to refuse any information from our site at any time.

Principle of Privacy Right

As your privacy right is quite important for us, so website of CTIA GROUP LTD who publishes this privacy statement will manage your private information according to the following five principles:

Principle One
When the website of CTIA GROUP LTD requires to identify your ID or contact you, materials will be clearly inquired, namely, your personal information. In general, you will be inquired to provide these materials when registering on our website and asking for special services or attending prize contest. Possibly, the website of CTIA GROUP LTD may confirm the accuracy and timeliness of your personal data by virtue of some methods.

Principle Two
The website of CTIA GROUP LTD and its necessary service partners use your personal data to operate the website and service, and will notify you about the new functions and services, as well as all kinds of products of the website of CTIA GROUP LTD and its subsidiary companies. The website of CTIA GROUP LTD will select the products and service data from other companies discreetly to deliver to you. They are usually about services of the sites themselves, which are not indispensable for the work (secondary usage).

Principle Three
In case that website of CTIA GROUP LTD intends to use your personal data for the secondary usage, it will provide you with the specification on how to decline the service. You may terminate the delivery of these letters in accordance with the explanations of materials or sales promotion letters sent by the website of CTIA GROUP LTD.

Principle Four
Website of CTIA GROUP LTD may make your personal data public as required by the law, or kindly ensure that such behaviors are necessary for the following items:
(1)Conform to the legal notice or comply with legal procedures applied to website of CTIA GROUP LTD;
(2)Protect the right and assets of the users of website of CTIA GROUP LTD;
(3)Protect the individual and public security of website of CTIA GROUP LTD and its users under the emergencies.

Principle Five
Please notify us through email at at any time if you think the website of CTIA GROUP LTD fails to comply with these principles. We will make every effort to settle the problem immediately within the reasonable and suitable scope.

Purpose of Cookies
Website of CTIA GROUP LTD may utilize cookies to learn which websites are popular, for the purpose of providing you with better service when visiting our website. Cookies shall not track your personal information. Website of CTIA GROUP LTD may also use cookies when you register our web programming . Under this condition, useful information will be recorded to identify your ID when you visit our website again. Cookies from website of CTIA GROUP LTD are readable only by website of the branch itself. Even though your browser is set to refuse cookies, most of our websites are still accessible to you.

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