Cerium Tungsten Electrode

Cerium Tungsten Electrode


Cerium tungsten electrode (WC20) is alloyed with about 2% cerium oxide. It is a non-radioactive, refractory or non-consumable metal electrode material, which is the preferred substitute for thorium tungsten electrodes. Regular diameter of the electrode is between 0.5mm and 12.0mm, and the length is 150mm and 175mm.

The addition of this small percentage of cerium oxide increases the electron emission qualities of the electrode which gives them a better starting characteristic and a higher current carrying capacity with no spitting. With the increase of cerium oxide content, the ablation resistance and arc starting of cerium tungsten electrode will increase; with the increase of use time, the welding performance will gradually decrease.

The electrode has excellent arc starting properties at low current, and can operate successfully with AC or DC electrode negative. If used on higher current applications, the cerium oxide may be concentrated to the excessively hot tip of the electrode. In addition, WC20 is also used in inert gas shielded arc welding, hydrogen atom welding, argon arc surfacing, pulse argon arc welding, plasma welding, plasma cutting, plasma spraying, plasma melting, etc. The welding materials can be carbon steel, stainless steel, silicon copper, copper, bronze, titanium and so on.

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