Silver Tungsten Rod

Silver Tungsten Rod


Silver-tungsten alloy (W-Ag) is similar to copper-tungsten in many respects. Like copper-tungsten, it is a pseudo-alloy with silver infiltrating the tungsten matrix. The combination of silver and tungsten creates a material that shares properties of both silver and tungsten while moderating the extremes of both. Silver tungsten is very strong, penetrates the toughest materials, and is machinable. But most importantly, it conducts electricity.

The high electrical conductivity of silver combined with the low wear rate of tungsten makes silver-tungsten alloys ideal for those requiring a fine surface finish. Due to its extremely low wear rate, silver-tungsten material is excellent at drilling very deep holes, straight walls and sharp corners.

Silver-tungsten alloys are mainly used for electrode materials and welding materials, such as low-voltage automatic switches, high-voltage circuit breakers and protection switches.

Silver tungsten rod is available in diameters from 2.0mm to 100.00mm and lengths from 50mm to 300mm; 90% to 50% tungsten content (10% to 50% silver content). For customization, please feel free to contact us.

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