Tungsten Copper Plate

Tungsten Copper Plate


Tungsten-copper alloys are pseudo-alloys of copper and the refractory metal tungsten. Copper and tungsten are immiscible, so the alloy consists of different particles of one metal dispersed in a matrix of another metal. Therefore, the microstructure is a metal matrix composite, not a true alloy.

Tungsten copper products are meeting the increasing demands of high-tech applications, such as major electronic equipment, safety equipment, aviation and power generation, etc. Sheets and plates made from copper-tungsten alloys are used in many industries, including aerospace and power generation. Heat exchanger and cooler elements in electronic equipment as well as passive heat sinks, arches and vacuum contactors in high current equipment are made of this alloy.

CTIA GROUP can provide various foils, sheets and plates with thickness from 0.05mm to 5mm. For thicker products, blocks up to 50mm thick are available.

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