Tungsten Copper Electrodes

Tungsten Copper Electrodes


Tungsten-copper alloy has been recognized as a highly conductive and corrosion-resistant composite material, and is widely used as tungsten copper alloy electrodes in EDM and resistance welding applications, electrical contacts in high-voltage applications, and heat sinks and heat sinks in thermal applications. Other electronic packaging materials.

The most common tungsten-to-copper ratios are WCu 70/30, WCu 75/25, and WCu 80/20. Other common compositions include tungsten/copper 50/50, 60/40 and 90/10, and available compositions range from W50wt.% to W90wt.%. Our tungsten copper product range includes tungsten copper rods, foils, sheets, plates, tubes, blocks and machined parts, capable of producing copper tungsten plates and sheets with thicknesses from 0.1mm to 100mm and diameters from 1.0mm to 100mm or more copper tungsten rod. If you have other requirements, please send us the drawing.

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