Tungsten Carbide Copper Alloy

Tungsten Carbide Copper Alloy


Tungsten carbide copper alloy is a refractory tungsten carbide based composite material obtained by pressing, sintering and infiltration processes. The tungsten carbide content is between 50% and 70% by weight. Different grades have different properties and different application fields.

Generally speaking, tungsten carbide copper has good mechanical properties and strong resistance to arc erosion in contact welding, mainly used in petroleum equipment to protect contacts from oxidation, or can be used as electrical upsetting Dies and Anvils.

Composites such as WC-Cu50 and WC-Cu56 have excellent mechanical wear resistance and are mainly used for electrical contacts. WC-Cu50 has high copper content and conductivity for heavy duty contactors and transfer switches. The stronger WC-Cu56 is used where high impact forces may be encountered and higher wear resistance is required, such as arcing contacts in tap changers and oil breakers. Due to its high hardness and high strength, WC-Cu70 is used for more severe electric upsetting and electric forging applications.

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